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The World's favourite colour project - method

The first interesting thing about this project is the method they applied to collect data and organically manage results.

People all over the world were asked, in a dedicated website, to choose their own favourite color, picking the exact one from a continuos color space, this means not between a pre defined range of samples, but freely. Then partecipants had to give it a name and to describe in a few words the meaning of it, the reason why they choose it and love it among the others. Some personal and general data as country, gender, age, time of the day, had been collected too in order to search for cultural and envoirmental influences.

In four months, 26.500 people answered the question.
More or less 70% were female, 30% male.

At this point, each color was defined by a name, a description and a code, but we often call the same color with different name. So what one calls green can actually be a blue or a yellow. This informations (subjective and objectiìve) were both used and organically organized by using a semantic and an algorthimic aggregating formula.

The first list, generated by number of entries for each color family was, in order of preference, the one below:
- green
- blue
- red
- purple
- yellow
- orange
- pink
- white
- black

The second step identified the exact favourite one for each group.
Surprisingly, differences between gender, country or age are almost irrelevant.
Just some slight shifting in brightness.

More on results in the next post


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