mercoledì 26 febbraio 2020

The World's favourite colour project - applications

There is an other step in this search... Now that is clear that the world's favorite color sits in the middle of bluish greens, G:F.Smith decided not to pick the more voted one but to write an other algorithm to have a color that summarize a wider range of preference. A sort of avarage, applied to color.

This is how “marrs green” is born.
A more than vivid/saturated green with a lot of blue in it. A completely unnatural color.

Of course all this work had a commercial purpose, that included not only finding the new perfect shade to be added to Colorplan paper collecion, but also to arise interest around it.

The results were presented through 6 outdoor installations and an exhibition.

Some popular brand were asked to made product in this exact shade and the capsule collection sold in an all-marrs-green temporary shop. A detailed report book has been pubblished and presented in many paper, graphic, design related places.
Here in Milan, at Paper and People amazing showroom.

All this survey makes clear that is possibile to work on more accurated, more relevant data that the one that cames from simple polls. Knowing peopole preferences opens to many other marketing related operations. Each brand identify itself (and its target) with some key words. If you know which color is commonly associated with each one of them, you can veicolate them by using the “right” color and build a cohrent visual communication or corporate image, that can immediatly be recognized in a unconcious but (statistically) effective way with very little space left for misunderstanding.


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